Drive Mono

As a member of the multidisciplinary Mobility team, I was responsible for developing new concepts and optimizing user flows within the Automodus and Phono apps. Using user data, we continuously improved the apps by listening to feedback and developing new features. One of these features is the "Rijcoach" (Driving Coach), which provides users with insights into their driving behavior, allowing Interpolis to help improve driving skills. Additionally, we incorporated gamification by including badges and the ability to compare driving skills with others.


It's great working with Pim! In our team, he primarily worked on concepting and design for the AutoModus and PhoNo apps. He continuously made adjustments based on user data, resulting in increased usage of the apps. Pim has a good sense of the current zeitgeist, which is evident in his designs. In addition to being a skilled professional, he is a fun person to have around. He has a lot of energy, humor, and empathy, which is great!

Miquette Vossen - Interpolis
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